Know Your Customer Requirements

Know Your Customer Requirements:

Demand generation : Is the methodical process of turning strangers into prospects, with VideoMeet Conference & Webinar events, one can manage by invitees’ participants & attendees, even broadcast, stream his event over social media for mass branding & get required fields datasets as leads, over and above analytical reports for deep dive & strategizing.

How VideoMeet Event works:

– VideoMeet Professional Assistant: You know your business well and we understand technology, we offer complete assistant from planning to executing on need basis.

– Designing you event, with preloaded templates & custom based.

– Seminars, webinars, decision making meetings, team building meetings, AGM, EGM with custom plans.

What you get:

-Lower costs, higher ROI

-More accessible to attendees

-More concrete data insights

-More opportunities to start conversations

-Offer long-term demand generation benefits

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