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30 Sep 2020

Who would have ever thought that when everything was going smooth we will be trapped by "COVID 19"? A situation for which no one was prepared and all the innovation which was sitting at the top of the mountain was Done and Dusted.

At the start of 2020 every individual was scarred about his survival, future, family, business, job, house, etc. Business owners were forced by COVID to either shut shop or survive with lesser staff and this cause unemployment. Business was going down and people were so scared that they were not ready to even meet their own family members.

After few months when we all realized that this Pandemic is a part of our life and we have to take safety measures and start from where we left, "Data Ingenious Global Limited" An IT firm based at Jaipur, Rajasthan was already upto the task and started inventing a product which will help organizations to start the operations while fighting the Pandemic.

"VIDEOMEET" a product which will help the business to run as it was before and it allows over 2000+ people to connect at one platform "WITHOUT ANY COST".

The aim of this product is "Bringing People Together" and promote more #vocalforlocal campaign. This product will help the organizations to stay home stay safe and still meet people virtually and do business. This will also help the Education Sector to connect with students and give them regular class. This product will also help the leaders to do online campaigns and online interactions with the party members as well as the people of the constitution.

Within no time "DIGL- Data Ingenious Global Limited" featured "VIDEOMEET" in Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign and become one of the Top 10 competitors.

Below are few Article links which will give you an idea of the same

Would really like to give you a glimpse of "VIDEOMEET" and below are some unique features which you will get in it.

  • Up to 2000+ Participants.
  • No Installation required, Can be used directly in a Web Browser.
  • Meeting Modes. ie: Conference, Webinar, Sensitive Meeting, etc.
  • Connect anywhere anytime to join the call, conference or meeting.
  • Completely secure with end-to-end encryption.
  • No sign-up required for joining a meeting.
  • User will join audio/video muted.
  • VideoMeet Echo Test.
  • Options that allow user to schedule, start, or join the meeting.
  • Amazing and secure Waiting Room.
  • Personalized Meeting Rooms.
  • Password Protected.
  • No data sharing.
  • No call data stored.
  • Individual/ Group messaging during the call.
  • Automatically Suppress Background Noise.
  • Record your meetings/sessions.

If you are still struggling meeting people, connecting with business, Giving online class, Sharing your thoughts with your team, Would definitely recommend "VIDEOMEET"

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