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How Breakout Groups Make Virtual Meetings More Fun

Virtual connections are usually becoming the trend for new normal. Every day we interact with the media and find new ways to feel comfortable while we are all still looking for it. This blog focuses on membership, the most popular meeting type. Many video conferencing tools today use a subscription format to conduct meetings. Before we get to the root of the problem, what are we really talking about when we say “subscribe”? Let’s check! 

As long as they have a focused purpose, event breakout sessions are a valuable tool for a meeting organizer’s belt. Without a clear purpose, it is completely a waste of time and frustrating for you and your attendees. Breakout rooms are a powerful tool for online meetings. It’s good because startups can be smarter and more efficient than big, large enterprises. After all, it is easier to work in small groups. 

Beyond productivity, breakout rooms are a great way to make online meetings more personal and enjoyable, even if it seems impossible. Naturally, zoom has become synonymous with inline subspaces today. However, there are many other online free video conferencing software that can give a smaller subset a copy of the session. When you look at your product launch plans, you can think of this as an influencing factor in your buying decision. 

Breakout Rooms to Make Meetings more Engaging

But let’s be clear. Breakout room use is not optional. You still have to think about when and how to use it. One of the biggest mistakes when using a breakout room is having too many people in the same room. For example, a large meeting of 30 people could be divided into two groups of 15 people each. It is difficult to meet so many people, no matter how good the circumstances. It’s like petting a cat when there are several people around. 

The truth is, in many large meetings, no one in the room can handle a lot of people. If you are in an ideal location for a face-to-face meeting, do you think a meeting of 5 in that room is faster and better, or is a meeting of 15 better? Now step back and take a group of people into an online room where every challenge awaits. Technical problems and delays are frequent in these situations, leaving room for the contract to be read without knowing who is speaking or who is speaking. Even in breakout rooms, the more people in the room, the less likely it is to organize. In short, it can be difficult to reach several people at once, but it can be difficult to reach them online even in the living room. 

Another big problem with breakout meeting rooms is that meeting attendees often don’t know what to say or what to do. There are so many strange eyes in an online meeting like this, you can’t wait for someone to speak in the hopes of starting an argument. The same goes for business meetings when you send people to another room to talk about something. Moreover, the person leading the entire outgoing meeting is absent, not only at this separate virtual table but also in the corner of the room.

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How to Create Interactive Breakout Rooms for Better Meetings?

The event planning industry knows the benefits of virtual events. More and more businesses and organizations are realizing that online events are just as effective as face-to-face events for a fraction of the cost. One of the things that many online events lack compared to traditional events is the ability for attendees to create and connect networks during virtual events.

Breakout room sessions are a great way to attract meeting attendees. Depending on your experience and knowledge, you can also divide them into groups. In this style of session, all participants are not passive and are encouraged to engage each other actively and listen to the moderator as usual during the session. It helps people communicate with each other and is a huge plus when organizing online events. It is also suitable for people with different learning styles. 

Breakout sessions require resources to break large groups into smaller groups for a specific purpose. Examples include public discussion, brainstorming on a specific topic, and the conclusion of an activity. Now that you understand what a subscription is, let’s look at the different ways to make breakout sessions more fun.

Lighting Talking

These short performances last about 5 minutes each. It is a creative effort to spark the mind of your audience rather than providing advice and content on a regular basis. They usually focus on a single topic or idea rather than a general point. Presentations are usually led by the meeting host and the speakers focus on engaging the audience with their stories. Most flash call conferences last 30 to 90 minutes and are scheduled as continuous calls. It provides people with a wealth of information on a variety of topics.

Virtual Tea Parties

Who said snacks can only happen in person? Make a cake and drink tea. Create a relaxed atmosphere by encouraging attendees to drink their favorite tea and enjoy almost the show! Participants can informally communicate their interests, dislikes, and questions. At many fundraising events, tea is held to raise money for a specific purpose, and then attendees discuss festival opportunities.

Speed Networking

In this format, participants exchange information with each other over an extended period of time before moving on to the next group of participants. During the meeting, they usually discuss their experiences and business goals. This type of network helps participants find new markets and new sellers. Speed networks come in three forms: stations where participants meet specific people, or round-trip, where participants meet in turn, depending on the group in which they are expected. 

Play a Game

After a long day of meetings, a simple game can help clear things up and bring attendees closer. For example, you can create a group of participants to take a quiz at a bar. You can also ask your visitors to create pixel art online using a spreadsheet. Another popular game to try and enjoy with participants is Bingo Online. The goal is to break the monotony and enable virtual meetings. 

Closing Thoughts

Communicating with your attendees through interactive breakout sessions will not only bring spark in video meetings but will also offer you a perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded people for awesome leadership. With a well-planned breakout room session, you can make your business meeting more interesting and fun for your employees.