5 Ways Human Resource Can Benefit from Videomeet

VideoMeet, is a best technology Human Resource Management can use for its end-to-end lifecycle – Right from step one of attracting candidates, interviewing to hires, develop, and retain talent, and keep the whole employees informed about regulatory changes. To perform today, when the world communication is over a videocall / video conference / webinar – all one needs is an Intelligent Easy Communication System for businesses as a part of their overall communication tools, they see an instantaneous business impact.

VideoMeet is secured, follows encryption in transit for all its video communications, operates as Single Sign On & offers white label branding APIs with streaming, recording & playback features at its starting version.

Here are top 5 reasons How HR Professionals Can Benefit from VideoMeet:

1. Bigger Talent Pool:

Masterpiece is the pandemic forced, to look and work with better ways, stay safe & be productive, the office space is changed to home workstations, the traditional meeting embraces video meetings & today the corporates have more talent from across geographical location vis a vis employees have their choice companies to work from their geographies.

Having a kind of reach that combined with the ability to offer any potential candidate the possibility of having a job from home- significantly increases your chances of finding the most talented individuals across the world.

2. On the Go Communication:

Anytime – Anywhere, Video conferencing is a way forward on corporate communication to share business strategies with your team on the fly. Also, emails are important, but instant messaging & record meetings during a video meeting is just as effective for later use.

3. Video Interviews Give Flexibility:

With videoMeet you can send a link to your instant meeting via any means you like, or you can start a one-click join meeting instantly. Scheduling meetings allows recruitment teams to set up a calendar with time slots of when the interviewers are free & additionally interviewer can plan automate each candidate clock time for managing large size interviews.

Virtual meeting from home can be easier for candidates. They no longer have to travel to you just for the long shot of getting the job. They can be join meeting anywhere, at any time, through any device.

4. Share Information Instantly & Securely:

HR departments have to keep the company up to date on industry standards and regulations, reducing the chances that compliance issues will slow things to a halt.

Those who attend live can ask questions and participate via Q/A and polling. Those who can’t make it can have access to a recording with which they can review all the questions asked and replay it as many times as they wish.

5. Onboarding and Training New Employees:

VideoMeet conferencing software is super easy to use & it should now be an important part of every company’s training suite. Here’s why:

Screen Sharing: If a candidate needs to share a presentation as part of the hiring process, it’s pretty simple to walk through it online. With screen sharing feature, the candidate can click to share and walk you through their presentation viewed on their screen.

No Bandwidth limitation:

If you’re suffering from bandwidth limitations, VideoMeet has auto adjustable load balancing & also allows users to set its transmission to ensure that you’re able to have as smooth interview or training session as possible.

This VC solution is reliable, secure, and set to grow with your business is rich with powerful features such as polls in webinars, meetings, chat messaging, live streaming, webcast and conferencing & available Free with no time limit up to 10 users & grow with your need with two simple paid bronze and silver packages. Don’t settle for less…

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