Expand your Business Horizons with VideoMeet’s Webinar Platform

Robust Webinar Solution

Run virtual events with integrated webinar solution and broaden the reach of your business. Easily control and moderate all your virtual events with the quick accessible webinar tools.

Flexible Setup

The integrated webinar solution allows you to easily set up the video webinar for conducting it effortlessly. VideoMeet offers great webinar experience directly from your browser.

Share your Work in Style

Conduct your virtual events according to your business preferences for effective results. Share screen with screen sharing technology to confidently present your ideas.

Getting Started with VideoMeet Webinar

Create account

Sign up with VideoMeet through your work email address. Customise the software and your profile according to your needs.

Add team members

Invite your team members into the webinar group. Create a group before starting the webinar session.

Host the Webinar Online

Schedule the webinar by entering date and time. Send invitations to external contacts and clients if required.

Share Screen and Video

Present your ideas confidently while sharing your screen with other team members of the webinar.

Seamless Audio Connectivity

Conduct webinars with high quality audio connectivity to offer seamless experience to other team members.

Comprehensive Analytics

Analyse your webinars by recording them and revisiting them to track your workplace performance.

Make Impact on your Audience with a Robust Webinar Platform

Telehealth Services

Offer telehealth consultations remotely from anywhere through the video conferencing feature offered by VideoMeet.

Sales and Marketing

VideoMeet offers the perfect pitch to users for closing deals at correct time to improve sales reps and user engagement.

Internal and External Communications

Share your ideas with your team members with our webinar software for improved communication and increasing the remote workplace productivity.

Educational Training

Offer interactive demonstration to your students with the screen sharing feature offered by our versatile webinar platform.